Colorado Digital ID™

The contactless Colorado Digital ID™ is a secure electronic version of your driver license or state-issued identification (ID) card for proof of identification, age and address within the state.

Example of Colorado Digital ID

Things to Know

Colorado Digital ID FAQs

Can I use myColorado if I lost my physical ID? 

A physical ID is needed to create your myColorado account and generate your Colorado Digital ID. If you lost your Colorado driver license or state-issued ID and have not yet generated a Digital ID in the app, you will need to locate your lost ID or request a new ID through the DMV. 

Can I add my driver license or state-issued ID to my Apple Wallet? 

The Colorado Digital ID is only available in the myColorado app wallet and is not currently compatible with other electronic wallets, including but not limited to Apple, Google and Samsung. We will consider adding this functionality in the future.

Do I have to physically give my phone to another person to validate my Digital ID? 

No. You are not required to physically hand your phone to another person or to law enforcement. Press on your Digital ID to display the security features. 

What happens if I’m in an accident or incapacitated? How will first responders know who I am if I have Colorado Digital ID, but no physical driver license or ID card? 

Both Apple and Android phones allow you to provide emergency contact information that anyone can view. Here are two resources for adding emergency contact information on your Apple iOS or Android phone.

Does a Colorado Digital ID expire? 

Yes. The Colorado Digital ID will need to be renewed at the same interval as your physical driver license or state-issued ID card. Your Digital ID will update automatically as the data or status of your physical driver license or state-issued ID card changes. Find out more about driver license renewals at

Can I upgrade my permit to a driver license online? 

Yes, please go to and complete the requirements.

Can I use the Colorado Digital ID to verify my employee's identification?

Per Executive Order B 2019 013 the Colorado Digital ID became an official form of identification on Oct. 30, 2019. While encouraged,  it is up to the individual employer to accept the Colorado Digital ID to verify the identity of their employees.

I am under 21, can I renew my driver license through the app?

The short answer is no. If you're under 21 and either applying for a driver license, permit, or identification card for the first time or renewing it, you must     visit a driver license office in person. For more information, visit:

I am turning 21, can I renew my driver license in the app to get an adult credential? 

Unfortunately, no. Applicants turning 21 years of age must apply for their adult driver license, permit, or identification card on or after their 21st birthday to receive an adult credential.  You'll need to visit a driver license office in person to get an adult license.  For more information, visit

Disability Identifier Symbol

You can now display a disability identifier symbol on your Digital ID!

A disability identifier symbol helps by informing first responders and other state personnel that you may be unable to effectively communicate with them due to cognitive disabilities, neurological diversities, mental health disorders, sensory needs, chronic illness and physical disabilities.

Learn more about eligibility and view FAQs at the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles website at

Things to Know

*To add the symbol, a person must have a medical professional sign a form (DR 2093 Application for Disability Identifier Symbol) attesting the person has a disability that could affect their ability to communicate with law enforcement.

How to Enable the Disability Identifier Symbol on your Digital ID:

*Expired licenses or IDs are ineligible for online renewal.

Affinity Icon

Display an Affinity Icon on the back of your Digital ID. Choose from 16 icons to express your different hobbies and interests.

Things to Know

Carousel on back of ID:

Example of Affinity Icon on the Colorado Digital ID

Icon example:

Back of Colorado Digital ID with Affinity Icon displayed

How to Enable the Affinity Icon on your Digital ID

To remove, tap the green Add an Affinity Icon button and deselect the icon you have chosen. Tap outside of the icon carousel to view the back of the Colorado Digital ID with no Affinity Icon.

Affinity Icon FAQs 

How were the icons chosen?

The Affinity Icons were chosen by a survey from the Department of Revenue and the Department of Motor Vehicles as the final deliverable for the Iconic Colorado initiative. The icons were the top 16 choices from that survey.

Will I be able to submit a new Affinity Icon?

We are not currently expanding our Affinity Icon selection at this time. If you have a suggestion for a new Affinity Icon, submit a Customer Support Request Form. While requests will be gathered for new icons, there is no guarantee your suggestion will be chosen should the Affinity Icon selection be expanded in the future.

What can I do if I don’t see my Affinity Icon on my card?

If you do not see the Select an Affinity Icon button on the back of your Colorado Digital ID screen, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app. If you still do not see the option to add an icon, log out and log back in to refresh the app. If this has not solved the issue, please contact myColorado Customer Support. 

Digital ID and Law Enforcement

What happens if I only have my Digital ID and am stopped by an officer from an agency that doesn’t accept it yet

You’ll need to show your physical driver license or state identification card in that case. Coloradans need to carry their physical ID until Digital ID is fully accepted in all jurisdictions and the state passes legislation stating that carrying physical ID is no longer required.

Can an officer take my phone if they suspect the Digital ID may be fraudulent

If an officer is unsure that a Digital ID is genuine, he or she can ask for your physical ID. They cannot take away your phone.

Can law enforcement accept my Digital ID if there is no cellular network, Wi-Fi or internet available

Once a Colorado Digital ID has been created within the myColorado app and the setup process completed, the holder can display it even if there is no cellular or Wi-Fi service available. Law enforcement that leverages eCitation technology can accept Colorado Digital ID without a network; however, the data sharing process via a QR code requires internet service. In this case, if there's no internet service, you’ll need to show your physical ID.